Walter Pabst


Walt Pabst was a dominant figure in rifle shooting and marksmanship in the 1930's and 40's. When this type of competition was at its peak, Pabst was recognized as one of the top marksman in the nation.

With his brother, Barney, they were competitive in many NRA sponsored events throughout the country. and with two other brothers, Albert and Art, made one of the fine shooting teams in the nation. In 1932 Walt was the top shooter for the State of Idaho in the national matches at Camp Perry, Ohio. He led the Wallace team to the championship in the 10th annual Northwestern matches in 1933, and also led his team to a NRA championship, defeating Madison, Wis., for the title. In 1934 the Spokesman-Review of Sept. 16 reported that Walt Pabst led his Wallace team with a perfect 300 score in the Inland Empire shoot.

Through the late 30's Pabst was the consistent leader of Idaho's top shooters in competition at Camp Perry for national matches. In 1938 he again was rated as the top Idaho shooter and led the Idaho Civilian rifle team to Camp Perry again. He received the highest honor of the National Rifle Associa­tion in 1942 when he won the Master Rifleman's Rank. This is the highest rank a civilian can attain from the NRA. Pabst served as the top rifle instructor with the National Guard in World War II.

A veteran in the contracting and building business in Shoshone County, with his wife Clarice, the Pabst family also included daughters Mary Sheryl, and Sandra, and a son, Robert. They also have five grandchildren. Pabst lives in Silverton, Idaho, and has been a district Fire Commissioner for Shoshone County for the past 19 years.

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